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Why You Should Aim For Your Team to Outgrow You – with Starstable’s Petra Skolund

❓ Are Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z really all that different when it comes to workplace culture?  

❓ Don’t we all just want to be a good boss and have a good boss?  

❓ How do you help your team outgrow you?  

In the latest episode of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, host Alan McFadden sits down with Petra Skoglund, Chief People and Culture Officer at Starstable to discuss all these questions.  

Petra has worked in the people functions of startups and multinationals, and her curious nature has recently seen her enter the gaming world. Passionate about developing people and helping her team grow, she currently sits on the board of WEquel, Life Science, Management and IT consultants; and is a leadership developer and coach for CHPS – Centrum för Högpresterande System.  

Looking at her CV, it’s amazing she managed to make the time to appear on The Talent Intelligence Podcast!  

Listen (or watch) as Allan and Petra discuss generational differences, how competency has changed with the tech revolution, how to get your top performers to buy into your vision, and Petra’s top tips on how to build your company culture.  

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