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{Podcast} How People Success Leads to Company Success With Refine Labs’ Megan Bowen

Talent Intelligence Podcast Megan Bowen

In episode 16 of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, Nicki Paterson talks to Megan Bowen, COO at Refine Labs.

Refine Labs have been blowing up the demand generation space for a while now so when Megan said she’d come on our podcast, we jumped at the chance.

Passionate about creating a successful culture at companies, Megan’s had an impressive career, working for the likes of Grubhub, Managed by Q, and Platterz.

In this episode, Nicki quizzes Megan on:

???????? How people success = customer success = company success

???? Building a talent destination

???? Why psychological safety is vital for your team

????????‍♂️ Knowing when it’s time to move on from a role

???? And much more

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