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How Hiring Intelligence Can Solve Critical Business Challenges

Picture this. You’re launching in a new location, and you’ve never worked there before. That means filling new open roles with quality candidates and competing with companies you don’t even know of. All in an area you’re not familiar with.

Leadership and management teams know these are key to making the launch a success and need data and intelligence to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Launching in a New Location

Economic growth is accelerating across a lot of countries around the world. Companies are looking to expand their business globally to accommodate and benefit from those demands.

As business grows, companies need more hands on deck to fill in open roles and many are looking at new talent markets to fill the gap. According to a bizfluent article, the main benefits of entering new markets by launching in new locations include generating new revenue, competing for new sales, investment opportunities, diversifying, reducing costs, and recruiting new talent.

With launching in mind, comes the obvious questions – WHY, WHERE and HOW? Which is where Hiring Intelligence™ reports come in.

What is Hiring Intelligence

First, let’s take a look at what Hiring Intelligence™ is. Basically, it’s thorough research presented in a detailed report on a specific area of recruitment. It gives us a better understanding of the current talent market situation, helping with forecasting for future hiring needs. 

Why do companies need Hiring Intelligence™?

Companies may be unsure where they want to launch. In our previous article on how Hiring Intelligence helped two of our clients, Keith Palmer, Head of Business Operations at Solutions Driven talked about how a huge global semiconductor company wanted to open a design center for RF activity. With a few places in mind, they needed support on where to open. Our team stepped in to lend a hand and provided exactly what they needed – a detailed study and report–what we call Hiring Intelligence. 

They might not know where the best talent is located. We’ve mentioned above about launching in a location you’re not familiar with. It becomes a challenge to successfully fill roles not knowing who will fill these roles at what expense. It’s essential to know what the talent pool looks like, for example: how many people in area A/B have degrees in their specialized market. 

Hiring Intelligence™ looks at the current talent market and what qualifications candidates have, where they went after gaining these qualifications, along with other key information. Mapping out talent also forecasts the talent market in the coming years making sure that the company has a continuous pool of quality talent for future job openings. 

It Doesn't End With Knowing Where Talent Resides

Companies also want to know:  

  • How to attract diverse talen  
  • How to succession plan  
  • What the market salaries are 
  • And much more… 

With Hiring Intelligence™, we find out and understand how these candidates are compensated, what benefits they are given and what their motivations are. This way, the company will have an idea of how to provide a competitive offer. 

Supporting the decision-making process

Launching in a new location is not a one-size-fits-all process. Economic status, cost of living, compensation demands, competition and the talent market are just some of the numerous factors that should be considered as they differ from one place to another. Hiring Intelligence maps these data out for you in detailed research and study through our knowledge and tools to help align strategy to business objectives supporting the decision-making process.

Want to find out more about how Hiring Intelligence™ reports can be used to support your critical business decisions?

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