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{Podcast} Why You Should Hire Like a BDR – With Reachdesk’s Laura Holcombe

SD Talent Intel Podcast Laura Holcombe

Our latest guest on The Talent Intelligence podcast was the brilliant Laura Holcombe, Global Talent Acquisition Specialist at Reachdesk – a corporate gifting company taking customer and prospect engagement by storm. Working as an in-house recruiter, Laura knows all too well how tough recruitment is just now. 

Which is why she hires like a BDR. 

From brushing up on their hobbies and interests, to engaging them with a gift (Reachdesking them!), Laura discusses how candidate engagement is vital in this market. 

We also spoke about: 

???? Going from the “bin-fire” of her 20’s to falling in love with recruitment

???? What it’s like recruiting for a company that’s grown 300% in a year 

????????‍???? Data, data, data 

????‍????‍????‍???? Joining a company with an incredible culture 

✅ And much more 

Laura’s an absolute whirlwind of recruitment ideas and passion and with people like her working in the industry, we think we’re going to be ok!

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Laura has also revealed her Top Five Tips For Hiring At Pace, honed through years of working in high-pressure recruitment. Get them here.

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